Venky Mama – Movie Review

Venky Mama – Movie Review 

Director: K.S.Ravindra (Bobby), Music : S.S.Thaman , Editing : Prawin Pudi, Cinematography:  Prasad Murella

Casting: Venkatesh Daggubati ,Naga Chaitanya,Raashi Khanna,Payal Rajput

Produced by: Suresh productions.

How often we have seen the regular commercial potboilers surprise our heart and box office.

Being the safest bet, the actors do pluck this category of subjects, do which the audience are really enjoying it? Let’s check what” venky mama “, the recent umbical cord between “Akkineni- daggubati” family has done ?

When his sister and her husband marry against die in a car accident, a rice mill owner decide to raise his nephew has own child.

They become inseparable over the course of time, but there are evil forces at work that are trying to separate them.

Venkathrathanam Naidu (venkatesh) raise his nephew Karthik( Naga Chaitanya) has his own child.

Where Venky’s father(Nasser) an ardent believer of Astrology, finds the nephew ‘s future will backfire his own son, starts to create a dilemma which makes the separable.

Did they lead back again?? Forms the core content of Venky Mama , which has all the template elements of a commercial boilers, the tiring ones used for years.

The rom-com plot of the film swipes the major footage , which deals with Karthik- Haarika( Raashi Khanna) and Venky -Meera (Payal Rajput) life side.

The funny switch overs of the leads to wed-match comics fall flat without entertaining even at a single instant.

When you fall for this template, the writing behind the character should be strong as an iron to hold the audience, but unfortunately Bobby hasn’t tried even the template writing properly.

Infact the motive of the negative character set in the film played by (Rao ramesh) places himself as a typical politician, who doesn’t have anything to do , except building a “beer” factory in front of schools.

The  non linear screenplay behind the film switch overs to Kashmir, which is too lengthy and irrelevant to the  core.

Prakash raj who comes as an army brigade,  doesn’t have an endpoint to his character, who’s capability is wasted in such a amateur display. The only saving force behind this drama is the lead actor venkatesh , who Carries his the in an ease.

The poor writing by the mastermind in creating the “Inseparable “love between the leads   is easily performed by venkatesh with his charisma( thanks to his experience). Yes ! You are right! Raashikhanna and payal rajput are only hired to be the dancing doll and to enjoy the action performance of the star like the audience do, without a single inch of a “newness” added into their character.

Technically,  the visuals done by Prasad murella which has the switching shades of Kashmir and Kakkinada is admirable.

Thamans background score is good , especially during the poor love tracks and unrealistic fight scenes.

Finally, the greatest problem behind this venky mama is the mediocre writing, which fails to go beyond a tried and tested formula .

The mama- Alludu relationship is played up ,they give their relationship and astrology twist to gives us a feel of danger, but it doesn’t scare.

Venky mama finally a average commercial entertainer, which has nothing new and feeds the same dish in different colour.

Venky Mama: 2.5/5.