Sarileru Neekevvaru – Movie Review

Sarileru Neekevvaru – Movie Review

Directed by – Anil Ravipudi

Produced by – Anil Sunkara, Dil Raju, Mahesh Babu

Written by – Anil Ravipudi

Starring – Mahesh Babu, Rashmika Mandanna,  Vijayashanti, Prakash Raj

Production company –  AK Entertainments,  Sri Venkateswara Creations,  G. Mahesh Babu Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

Language – Telugu

Review by – Ranjith Review Team


Tollywood box office starts to spin this 2020 with  superstar Mahesh  babu’s ” Sarileru Neekevvaru “, the commericial patriotic tale. Did the soldier save us!  Or it was a “Major” attack?

Let’s check

Ajay Krishna (maheshbabu), an uber cool military man who is an orphan, rides from kashmir to kurnool , to convey the news of his injured colleague,  to his mother  bharati. (vijayshanthi).

Unfortunately Bharati has already crunched in the dominance of The state minister (prakash raj), as a result of the earlier drift between the two. The rest of the story Mark’s on how he clears them all and convey the truth?.

An interesting wafer thin line gets geared,with the ultimate presence of Maheshbabu who is acrobatic, athletic,  and aesthetic in the role.

With a special tag on his performance on the comedy scene, who peeled of his own cliche expressions , and boasts up in hyper voltage.

The level of potential difference peaks higher when he meets Samskrithi (Raashmika mandanna), who volts up with her funny expressions,  and surely emerges to the top on the list of heroines who take comedy has the central point.

Backed up by  Rao ramesh and Sangeetha, the train travel is the chest ingredient of the lot.  Bringing back the lady superstar of Telugu cinema like Vijayshanthi as bharathi, who is the central hold ,  a straight forward professor, who protects her family with love and care.

Director Anil’a cleverness was seen when he erased the typical angry vijaysanthi, and placing the emotions in her character design which creates a curious factor to the audience.

A scene where she pleads to Prakashraj as  emotional mother shows her caliber as an actress is still present.  Having such an idea  is neoteric which was well stuck in the aorta.

Still the film muddles at intervals, when Nagendra MLA (prakash raj) who threatenes kurnool with his typical “Villian ” tag.

But the actor holds the weak characterization to a decent role by his zestic performance. Its unfortunate  for actors like prakash raj, vennila kishore and subburaj’s potential  gets drilled in superstar’s films.

Technically, The hero of the film is Cinematographer Rathnavelu, who showed the level of Kashmir on a glacier tone, which might chill the audience even in a airconditionless theater hall.

His works In the “Rescue operation” where the Kids stuck amongst terrorist catred he holds on his craft.

Music done by Devi sri prasad blocks our mind with the over powering RR, but catches  the heart with his chart busters songs, in which “Mind- block” is a killer.

But there are few moments where the typical Drum /devi beats emerge to vanish the essence of a scene by reminding us the rockstar’s old works.

Kudos the editor Tammiraju the invisible man, had played with the audience emotions  by creating a sinusoidal waveform in the scenes genre. His “Trimmer”  has given the rest for the smart phones of many.

At the start ,the director conditions us with the line “dedicated to the indian army”, where the Master mind Anil Ravipudi was clear on his target cycle, without getting diverted in any meters.

The method of blending the sensitiveness with laughter falls between the idealism or fun , which is quite confusing (Meeku Ardhamathundha).

On the whole, the film can easily be compared to a scene which SN has, where the goons get bashed by the lead ,when the trains goes in a tunnel.

Like wise, the unnesccary build up scenes and logic less scenes tunnels in the organically shaded journey.

Sarileru neekevaru Is a pure veg Thali offered by the team, which has all the ingredients in the right taste with perfect mix.