Entha Manchivaadavuraa – Movie Review

Entha Manchivaadavuraa – Review

Directed by : Satish Vegesna

Produced by : Subhash Gupta, Umesh Gupta

Starring : Kalyan Ram ,Mehreen Pirzada

Music by : Gopi Sundar

Cinematography : Raj Thota

Edited by : Bikkina Thammiraju

Production company : Aditya Music

Language : Telugu

Review By : Ranjith Review Team

The auspicious Sankranti gets deep-dyed, only when the major families of the tollywood industry flow with their magnum ops films.

The rear over is now bowled by the “Manchi” family , by Nandamuri Kalyan Ram ‘s Entha Manchivaadavuraa! Did the film hit the wickets?

Let us check

Balu(Nandamuri Kalyan Ram) is an accidental orphan who is holds an unconditional love towards negligent relatives.

With the help of his warmhearted cousin Nandini (Mehreen Pirzada) and did the man received his emotions back? Forms the core plot

Extolling the soul stirring concepts from the beneath of human mind, the emotional connect between the audience and the principle character was well established in this tale.

As balu(Nandamuri Kalyan Ram) secretly satisfy the emotional needs of others with his inborn talent, it easily makes the audience to sit erect towards the screen.

Kudos to the detailed writing of the master mind, who shortly glimpses balu’s nature at scene his dual performance in the stage  has given the glimpse of his character outline, who shows the soil of the need of relations in all he plants. When his cousin Nandini (Mehreen Pirzada) finds out , and it becomes the major core of the tale.

Nandini being the narrator, and pillar of the film, misses the emotional nuances as “Nandini”.( arre! She was the best in F2!)

Such a soulful outline must be the central act where the sub plots line, here arrives “all is well- emotional suppliers “( need one!), the ride takes to a different destiny, which has the mentally I’ll father (Tanikella Bharani) , the emotional parents expect love from their kids, the pain of sister stuck with a negligent brother creates a curiosity by sweeping the first half.

The film Mark’s the best tick when the role played by  vennila kishore, the techie America alludu, who always comes into finish the proceedings of inheriting the leads.

The other exciting performers like Sarathbabu, Vijay kumar, Suhasini, were unfortunately used in the sub plot , and their potential weren’t given the proper meat.

Switching on to the technical side the decent outlook, when it comes to visuals of Raj thota projects the greenery of the locations, who forced his lens to  experiment (it’s the story demand).

Talking about Gopi sundar, he pulls back the ear buds more in The score than  songs,  especially during the interval points and the emotional portions. It would been a bizarre,  if Bikkina Thammiraju didn’t have collected his scissors, the length.

When the maker travels with such a feel good film, it is the opposing characters strongness decides the facts, but here the casting of the village henchman( suman) was a bizarre.

This  is the place where  this Entha Manchivaadavuraa  go for a big down fall. The regular templates villain who doesnt have a motto to horrify us, which proportionally dips the meaty writing behind the rest of the other characters.

At the point, more the sundar’s RR, it’s the audience  funny noises takes charge in  with too much preaching in second half of the film.

The arc of Balu’s character, who is gifted by his father as an orphan, which concludes when Balu gifts his kid with a bunch of relatives.

At the bottom line , it is the too much preaching and the stuff less character design makes ” Entha Manchivaadavuraa “, a average watch.

If the feel good films are your taste, try it before festered

Chennai editors recommendation: theater experience for”  Feel good” film lovers and OTT for the rest.