A new hustling boxer in the town- STR’s dashing avatar!

According to the current forecast, the Almighty is kind enough to show us back the most loved STR in various platforms, where we could see the star transformation in some exciting dimensions. The actor who is currently busy in toning the physique for the upcoming line-ups including Maanadu, and the mufti – remake. Also, the news’s fed by the sources around has given peace for the fans who are awaiting for some hopeful products from their star.

Surprisingly, the social media had a few photographs of the actor worshiping in sabarimala, with his team, which took a viral amongst the public. To add more spice, here comes an official video from the Twitter- handle of the producer of ” Manaadu”- suresh Kamatchi, which projects that the actor is busy in learning the skills of  boxing from a professional trainer.

The video also shows the star who is vigorously preparing  on the uppercuts and hooks, as the film demands such powerful skill to perform.

The video has surprised the fans, especially the ardent fans of STR, who badly wanted him to land back.