AR.Murugadoss Wishes Sillukaru Patti  Team!

AR.Murugadoss Wishes Sillu Karupatti  Team!

A Kollywood film based on Anthological narration was in a hollow for the past few years, has the trend was totally dependent on sports and horror films.

Interestingly, before the end of this decade, here comes “Sillu Karupatti” in that genre, which had its theatrical release on December 27th.

As expected the film had a great response from the audience, where everyone appreciated the intensity of the love showcased in the film.

Now here comes ,the leading commercial giant,director A.R.Murugadoss,  who took his twitter space to share his expectation and wishes for the film via tweet.

He mentions that, great reviews are poured by the critics on the film, and I’m appreciating the team with love.

It’s also said that, murugadoss will soon watch the film, as he is currently busy in shaping up the final works of Superstar Rajinikanth’s Darbar.

Darbar will be out on pongal, which is produced by Lyca productions.