Can This Decade Change The Negativities on Vijay’s Films?

Can This Decade Change The Negativities on Vijay’s Films?

When everyone think about on what they have estimated in this phase of a decade, It would pop out their ups downs of both professionally and personally. But if you go and ask, to a Thalapathy Vijay fan, he would easily take the problem faced by his star as his own, which  would increase the level of anxiety him as a individual.

But the problems are pre planned by the team?, if you use the brain to decode those, the real question arise that , why a Vijay film constantly faces these kind of negativities.

On a harsh note without hurting none, we can say that, when a director join with Vijay they get locked in negativity. Does the fault fall on Vijay?? Or the growth of Vijay?

Everyone can easily judge it has the latter, has the theft case particular happened to Atlee and A.R.Murugadoss. now here ,the next master has a lot of negativities surrounding it, in which, the film is said to be the extracted version of Korean film “Dogani”, which talks about the harassment on Disabled kids.

People around started to target Lokesh Kanakaraj in this issue , but the team denied the fact as a filthy false news.

Let the release of the film judge it out, as we are hoping that at least this decade may stop the negativity on a Vijay film.