“Confidence and intelligence, which unites us”- A.R.Rahman!

 “It’s the confidence and intelligence keeps us bounded amidst the divided rule which is tagged by our rulers” says A.R.Rahman.

“Ekam satt unity concert: the 50 th symphony” is to be held soon, and the legendary A.R.Rahman and Amoya Dubli are going to perform on stage.

 On a recent chat, answering about the question regarding Artists freedom of speech , A.R.Rahman said ,”we are being divided and separated by the rules. Still the people unite, which is a great thing. Infact, we all cling together with the help of confidence and the intelligence. Let’s take school kids as an example here, itsnt necessary to feed them the same thing which is once told. It is the beauty of human is self realize and understand any situation on their own”.

On the career front, A.R.Rahman is busy with two biggies on the line up , which includes Chiyaan Vikram’s Cobra and Sivakarthikeyan’s Ayalaan.