HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPERSTAR- a flow up dedicated to /from /for Rajini Fan.- Get Rajinified!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPERSTAR- a flow up dedicated to /from /for Rajini Fan.- Get Rajinified!

Enlightenment and completion are the two major destinations for any spiritual person , who strive hard to reach the place. In fact, “defeat finds difficult to defeat a person who isn’t worried about the defeat, which eventually defeats the  defeat”.

Do I speak like Nithyananda?!

To have this in an integrated form , the person who detaches himself from the materialistic world reaches the height of enlightenment and attain the essence of spirituality.

Do we witness any person with a such an attitude here?? Is there a guru present like us who flows jn the day to day life , with a focused spiritual goal??

“S”! Is the answer behind this, which says Superstar Rajinikanth, the darling of mass and who is literally known as the demigod of super stardom

. Today being his 70th birthday, weren’t going to look on his so called statistics and the first movie or the song or the dialogue he said, as you might have heard about these stuffs from the day he stamped the kollywood industry.

This Article is specially made to display the king’s unknown side with the special mention on his values.

Let’s get Rajinified!


An interesting incident happened which may excite the aspirants who are tired of their life now. Once, superstar had a chat with his old- friend regarding purchasing a flat in central part of the chennai city. His beloved friend, said ” Mr.Shivaji! It isn’t a wise decision  to buy a plot in the city,  especially on your minimal salary( during the early stage). So please hold it in the outer skirts of the city where the rate may be convincing. This alarmed the actor, who took a oath by breaking his “ward -69″ bottle and said ” I won’t touch this , till I buy a flat in the central part “. The rest is history.

The incident  sums us the determination he had towards his short time goal, who acted 5 to 6 films a week , by pouring himself to the hectic conditions .

Youngsters!! Hold this news!


The “larger than life” image for Rajinikanth is purely made by support of his variety of skills which includes screen presence, dialogue delivery , fights and comedy etc.

In which,  punch dialogues holds a prestigious place in the list.

The stars humongous film baasha(1995), has a dialogue (naan oruthadava Sonna 100 thadava sonna maari) which is still rolling in every kids tongue . Now, there is an exciting summary behind it, which says, the dialogue isn’t written by himself and its was from an assistant director, who casually said to a fellow men during the shoot. The actor grasped it and placed it with his style and modulation  in the film, which had a greatest response. Carrying further, the actor remunerated the AD, with a cheque of 25,000 rupees.

This clipp, shows the Genuienity of an actor, who resides in such a super stardom.


After his much awaited political entry, we could see the fellow party heads dashing the man with the harsh comments, amongst them NTK leader seeman holds the first and foremost spot. Seeman’s harsh criticism is replied with the sheer- silence, which increases the star’s value more in the minds of public.

The actor also advices his fans to ignore negativity in all the stage speeches he steps.

Hey reader! Ithu epdi iruku?

  1. Overcoming insults-

This might be the holy – para for the aspiring youngsters who wanted to achieve something in their life . During his early days , Actor Rajinikanth used to be a chain smoker and a great alcohol addict. Also the  actor’s dusky skin tone was widely criticized.

Though, the negatives are reciprocated now, but the pain he went through is really tough, in which there were times , when the actresses pleaded the directors not to cast them as his pair especially due to his skin tone and the cigar smell which evaporates from him.

These things were taken as a fuel by the monster, who lubricated himself to the heights, where we could see the top heroines beg the directors to spot atleast a shot in his film.

The real victory!

Last but not the least!!!

  1. Question on his mother land

This is a sensitive issue , where none coukdnt interfere and change the image placed on the star, but still host good deeds and political principles can change anything.

Especially after his political entry, this “element” becomes has become major tool to fight against Rajinikanth.

Will Rajini break all the odds and create wonders in TN politics as he did with Cinema??

Let’s wait..!     #happy birthday thalaiva