Happy birthday Vijay sethupathi – The bioscopic “Eagle” hovered by Fans!

A manly hombre Confining somewhere at the clime of the earth and conquering the minds of many to build caste are called as  heroes?

Nahh!! Nahhh!

A hero is the person who doesnt do the extraordinary things, but who rise back from the rock bottom of the failure on doing extraordinary things.

Vijay sethupathi , is one man who stepped the industry, without fitting in any cliche material of a “Hero”, who raised harder from the rejections, losses, failures and of course inferiority, and stand like a beast on what he is now.

The man who is nearing his 50 th film, is in the hearts of kids and granny’s only for his flawless skill and the egoless heart.

Here comes an ode from the Makkal selvan devotees , on the motive to scale the  life beads of the star via musical notes.

The technical crew is the Musician Tajnoor who has given some soulful melodies to Tamil cinema.

Lyrics written Nellai bharathi, who poetically penned the rising leaders life style in notes.

Terminating the flow up, it is the day where the fiercy eagle was born , which is uniquely climbing high ,without none’s support.

Enjoy the ode , and bleed “vijay sethupathism”

Happy birthday Vijay sethupathi!