”  I will be the first to fight for Muslims”-  Rajinikanth on CAA NRC!

Superstar Rajinikanth’s statement on CAA issue was highly diplomatic, which didn’t have any firm stand. But the political enthusiasts and the public who follow Rajinikanth’s moves could easily sense it has A BJP sided stand.

Now, recently the star had met the press who yet again showed a clear view on his stand. Rajinikanth said ” a few political parties are showing  false projections on CAA that it would be against Muslims. To be Frank, this would never oppose or harm the Indian muslims, as this is their own mother land, so how can someone push them out?? .A few political parties are twisting the issue for their personal benefits. If it happens so, this Rajinikanth will be the first person to stand and fight for the muslims.

Mentioning about NRC, Rajini said it is important to survey and load the population to the cards. The statement has already took a viral in the public arena, which is receiving a mixed review from the common people.