“I’m alright Kanna”!-  superstar Rajinikanth on Manvs wild shoot!

Adventurous trips to dense forests is always an exhilarating experience for many since childhood. Hypothetically,

What will be the reaction, if our favourite stars travel there and we could watch it through our gadgets?

Isnt it interesting?, that’s what happened recently, when Superstar Rajinikanth  packed the bags for his trip with Bear grylls for the famous show man vs wild.

Within a few hours of the journey,  it was rumoured that the star has been injured in the show and will be back soon.

But, turning after the shoot, Rajinikanth met the presspersons at the Chennai airport that he was not injured during the shoot.

“There were some reports that I was injured. This is not true and I was just pricked by a few thorns,” the actor said.