Lyca says “Kamal and shankar are also responsible for the tragic incident!

Both Kamalhassan and Shankar are also responsible for the Indian 2 set accident , says Lyca productions.

On, feb 19th, 2020, there was a tragic incident happened in EVP film city, Chennai, which demanded the precious of 3 members. It was Krishna (Shankar’s AD), Madhu and Chandran, who lost their lives,  when a 100 tone worth weighed crane collapsed on them. Also, 9 were heavily injured, and whom were immediately rushed to the hospital. Post this, kamalhaasan has reported a letter on empressing the safety of the crew members.

Replying,to this Lyca mentions that, both kamal and shankar have the responsibility has the most senior technicians on the set. The safety could’ve been to the best, on the constant surveillance of both Kamal and Shankar