Maestro Ilayaraja lends his voice for SK’s Hero!

Maestro Ilayaraja lends his voice for SK’s Hero!

The quality of being a legend is being on toes, especially in their bread winning crafts. As we know, the legendary maestro Illayaraja, is the demigod of music, who has a great expectation when ever he enters his music studio.

Recently, the songs sung by the maestro, which includes “Aanandi” Maari 2 had a great love from the music lovers.

Now, the exciting surprise has arrived from the maestro’s side, where herm had lend his vocal for a track sung for the film “Hero”.

The composer of the film,  Yuvan Shankar Raja has revealed this news via is Twitter space.

The song is written by Pa.vijay.

Someone in a godly status singing for an upcoming song for a rising star, is really healthy to watch. Let’s hold our excitement and wait for the stunning surprise track.