Manidhan turns Psycho!- Check the theatrical trailer of Udhayindhi -Mysskin’s Psycho!

The “holllow”ween of missing the beloved ones reaches the extreme , to trigger the human as the “extremists psycho”, who tend become them, feel them and change the attire like them.

This is how the horrifying psychos are born, which js well known for the intellectuals, who interact with hitchcock and Robert bloch via art. But how does a laymen in India will get this?

That’s were the necessity births out filmmakers like Mysskin , who is a visual dedicative,  is ready with his next film “Psycho”.

The 96 second trailer is out now, around  40 shots , injecting us the blind man Udhaynidhi, the fearful Aditi rao, the innocent Renuka, the mystery cop Ram( !) And the unknown Psychopath, are aligning and mesmerizing us to book tickets soon.

Well! I guess it’s a travel of Kaniyan Poongundran in Pisassu platform?? Or nah! Nah! This going to be like a real novel from a tamil Mind??

What’s Udhay doing here???  A Manidhan turned psycho??

Shhh! Let’s wait till the release.