PVR cinema halls in chennai airport soon!

One of the biggest entertainment industry in  India is undoubtedly the cinema, which has a wider range of audience consisting  of people from all the sectors.

The bigger scale remuneration received by the people working in cinema itself says the value of it in our country.

Stepping ahead, now the time has arrived for the people who miss flight or present in Chennai airport, especially in the waiting room to sway with entertainment

Yes, the kingpin of Theatre industry, PVR, has come up with a plan 5 screened halls in chennai airport.

Talking about this, PVR’s planning and development chief, Pramod Arora said that, the construction plan of  screened theatres is submitted to Olympia, and it is assured that the process will be completed near or before dec-2021.

Apart from theatres, this 250 crore project consists of the cafeteria,  restaurant and shopping malls, with 3 storage parking space.

This is done for the benefit of 80 percent of chennai people and 20 percent of the tourists.