RGV  Shares His Weird Wish!

RGV  Shares His Weird Wish!

The favorite child of “controversy”, Indian film maker Ram Gopal Varma  doesn’t need any special introduction to start a write up about him, as he has a great fan base behind him.

The director who is well known for digging / researching out the interesting facts behind many unsolved cases, and portrays it to the audience via the visual medium.

The man who weighs the audience’s intelligence with a dignity, shared a few words on his upcoming film titled “beautiful”.

On a recent chat, with his fans, a question was raised on his death wish, if God just gives him an hour to live.

Interestingly the director uttered, ” if such a situation arises, I would spend the most precious time in actress Sridevi’s  grave. Infact , I want to stay there even after my death “.

The words from RGV, has created a jerk in social media, who scratch their head on to the statement.

Sridevi passed away in 2018, for which the director had posted a emotional tweet ,on mentioning his love towards the actress.