RGV trolls NTR family again!

The controversy’s favourite child,  Ram gopal varma, is known for mirroring out his thoughts boldly to the public , and an ace film maker too.

The films he make has a greater vision and content involved in it, and he strive to touch the controversial subjects only.

In 2019, he had Lakshmi’s NTR which peeled the inner side of the political and personal like of  Andhra’s demigod NT.Ramarao.The film gained mixed reviews, and a few viewed it differently.

Now, RGV has come up with a harsh tweet on a selfie picture posted by Actress/politician Roja,  which has actor Balakrishna’s presence in it. His tweet, praised the actress while trolled Balakrishna”s appearance.

The tweet gained a lot of negativities,  and still getting viral in social media. What’s is in RGV’s mind is the Million dollar question arising for everyone.