Shhh!! Its “Master” Pongal!

According his trade mark dialogue, “itsnt the time of the arrival but the distance of the  bullet matters”, the star lands for the second time in this 15 days span to entertain the fans.

Yes, its all about our master, who punctually steps the class room to take start the second period after the break.

Dissecting the second look,

The mighty man warns, who stands  amidst the students walking. The tshirts of them explains us they belong to any organisation or school or college, which easily conveys with our earlier predictions.

Uff, let’s keep the dissecting knife away  and enjoy the thalapathy’s entry, while having a bite of cane.

Techinaically, Darbar ‘s casting can’t be incorporated in this write up alone, has it will definitely demand additional paper.

Master is directed by Lokesh kanakaraj and bankrolled by Xavier britto under XB creators.