Superstar Rajinikanth finally breaks out on CAA!

Superstar Rajinikanth finally breaks out on CAA!

The nation is fire-blazed with the recent bill passed by the government of India, the citizenship amendment act, which has attracted a highly negative reviews.

Celebrities and big shots from all around the corner are yelling this as a pure honour killing of the Indian constitutional law done by the ruling party.

From the rock bottom to the roof top, each and everybody registered their support and opposition to the act, while a very few had to take up the stand.

Superstar Rajinikanth, who recently marked his political entry, took a very long time to answer on this issue, Who also ignored the question asked on this CAA, during his Darbar Audio launch.

Atlast, Rajinikanth has picked out his twitter space, to share his views on the act. The post mentioned that, ” violence isn’t the verdict of any issue or a problem.

People of India should stand on the toes with the help of unity to break the negativities. The on going issue is hurting me very badly”.

The statement seem to have a lot of turns in it, which seems to a diplomatic statement from the star.

Still, a power like Superstar Rajinikanth can be a diplomat?