The investigation begins!- check whom RGV met for his film On DISHA !

As we mentioned before, the ace director Ram gopal varma is fastening the belts to direct his film on “Disha”, the rape case which shattered the entire nation in 2019.

When A film maker like RGV turns his angle toards such an issue, he would bring out the best outcome,  as depicted with his film on issue like Veerapan, NTR in the past. Recently, he met the wife of chenna keshavulu, who was one of the rapist in Disha case.

The culprit who also raped his wife in the past, before indulging in the horrifying incident.

Regarding this, RGV stated that, “Just met Renuka , Rapist Chenna keshavlu’s wife ..She married him at 16 and she’s about to deliver his baby at 17 ..Not only Disha, the bastard made his own wife a victim too ..she is a child giving birth to a child and both have no future”.  It is truly disheartening that such criminals leave behind great misery not only to the families they hurt but also their own blood.