The Popular sets Kollywood Dialogues of 2019!

The Popular sets Kollywood Dialogues of 2019!

As the film personalities and giants say, the only cursed department in film industry is the Writing department of it, which doesnt go with any credits compared to the other crafts of cinema.

But still , the dialogue writers enjoy a unique trait from the audience,  where it has the capacity to change the fate of any audience or group, has the words are more powerful than knife.

2019 had a few dialogues and scenes from many films which went viral amongst the audience. Here we plucked a few diamonds from it, to showcase in front of the readers.

Let’s go!

Viswasam :

” vazhkaila oruthadava azhatha panakaranum illa! Sirikatha ezhaiyum illa’-

The dialogue literally means, the fate is for everyone has both the rich and poor had undergone the goods and bads . So, NO partiality is the soul behind this.

Petta :

Petta paraak!!

You can wonder ,what’s behind these two words? But they time and place it was uttered overshadowed all the other major dialogues of the film.

When Petta velan scraps jithu and the climax roar towards singaram,  with this dialogue literally meant- the war is out ?

Vandha Raajavathan Varuven :

” gethuthan en sothu”

Connecting both career and personal life, with a single sentence, Simbu easily connects with his fans, as both the star and his fans doesnt have a boundary, and wave down with this “gethu”. This is the soul of the dialogue too

 Nerkonda Parvai :

No means No,

The need of the hour, uttered by a south superstar Ajithkumar, which means, even if a women is sex worker, morally the men can’t force them. If a girl says no, it literally means No.

Comali :

“Enada panni vechirukeenga”.

This isn’t just a dialogue,  but it suits well for the human being living in the earth,  who oppose the nature, humanity etc.

This was uttered by the lead hero Jayam Ravi, who back after a 16 year old coma. The sentence was out from him, who couldnt stand by the Difference and the so called development happened in the gap.

Asuran :

unkita kaadu iruntha edthupanga, rubaa iruntha pudingapanga aana Padippa matum unkita iruntha edukkavae mudiyathu.

A socilogistic words uttered by dhanush, who played the painful sivasaamy, who went through one hell of discrimination on the basis of caste, who advices these words to his notorious kid Chidambaram.

Kaithi :

“10 varushama ulla irunthuthana sir therium, athuku munadi enna panitu irunthen nu therriyathula”

These were the words,Dilli the prisoner, steps in to face his final obstacles on meeting his unseen daughter.

The placement of this , and the way dilli gimmick his lungi, made this film and the dialogue an epic one.

These were the top 7 intriguing points of dialogues which came out last year, which had a higher impact starting from the intellectual to the commoners on a same measurement.