The Respect For Tamil Titles in This Decade! – Look at Thala Ajith’s Decorum Here!

The Respect For Tamil Titles in This Decade! – Look at Thala Ajith’s Decorum Here!

A way back in 2006 to 2011 period, the Kingster Kalaignar Karunanidhi had created a rule, which mentioned that any Tamil film at the port, should have its title registered in Tamil to be a tax free.

Infact, those were the golden days, where there were titles like “Madharasa pattinam” , “Ilaingan”, “Azhagiya tamil magan”,which urged the viewers from urban to rural without any dilemma on the reception.

It was a conscious decision from the producers to save a huge sum getting twirled in Tax consumption.

But the trend which inspired the neighbouring industries too , who lofted us at a peak, but eventually everything faded out after the late chief minister Jayalalitha’s death.

Oops! This isnt targeting any political agenda, as the films with title in English and other regional languages started to dominate the mother “Tamil”

When the big stars have the capacity to create a project as a King maker, their Nods have the capability to turn anything on the project they are committed too.

Now here we going to call , Thala- Thalapathy, the eminent kings of Tamil film industry and the undisputed leaders , by researching on how they give importance to their title.

As we know, the war which is happening between their armies , in which the identity “Tamilan” has one of the beneath soul.

Ajith is tagged as a non Tamilan ,and Vijay has become the face of the Tamil.

Let’s check out their trait , individually on “how they are keen on Tamil titles”?!

Thalapathy Vijay





Thala Ajith




4.Nerkonda Paarvai

The slot on Ajith is filled with pure Tamil words, which hits hard even to the man, who knows Ajith more than English.

Parallely ,Thalapathy vijay had come up with a freaky English titles, who once had great Tamil titles like “Kaththi “, “Puli” and Bairavaa.

Precisely, this doesnt has anything to deal on the essence of their love to the mother tongue, but the paid people, who discriminate actor Ajith on the basis of mother tongue, should be given the right reply.

More importantly, we can still hope that, many films may juggle out with freaky English titles, which can have a great start for the language fall In Tamil cinema.

But Thala won’t tilt his angle anymore.