Trisha’s craziest “Todo” is revealed !

The hyper kinetic activeness of actress Trisha in social media handles are higher than  her films,  as she has become choosy when it comes to the projects.

After the stunner 96, her steps are so keen, who is passionate in recreating lifetime characters like “jaanu” , in a different platforms. While surfing instagram, it’s where Trisha came up with an interesting answer for a fans question.

When the fan asked on what are the craziest “todo” in her bucket list, for that actress came up with “getting married in Vegas”.

A sweet shock has bashed the fans, as the star actress mostly “shuts down”, when it comes to marriage.

Previously, her marriage was called off at the peak stage, due to interpersonal problems, who was supposed to get hitched with Radian chief Varun manian.

The long gaps, and the craziest wishes, soon ” wedding bells ” to be struck for Trisha fans.