Viswasam beats Bigil in TRP impressions!

The year 2019 had been a great feast for both Thala Thalapathy fans, as their respective stars came up commercial blockbusters including Viswasam and Bigil.

As we know, the battle between both the films wasn’t on the same turf, but still it marked a silent war in television premiere.

Both Bigil and Viswasam had was aired in back to back dates, which attracted the general audience and fans to the television.

Now, the TRP status clearly states that, Viswasam has emerged with 18143  impressions and Bigil with 16473 impressions.

The statistics doesn’t state that, fanbase values of the star, but it definitely declares Viswasam has a greater love ahead of Bigil.

Viswasam is film which dealt about the Father-daughter love, while Bigil talked about sports drama on women empowerment.