What Dhanush has to share about Vetrimaran ‘s friendship!

The stability in entertainment industry isnt that much guaranteed ,has the taste of the audience easily switches on and off.

Unlike, it’s also with the friendship maintained inside the industry, as the hits and flops are the deciding factor  in the friendship with your creative fellow mate.

Here Dhanush shared about his own journey and the friendship he earned during this 19 years of travel.

The actor said ”  I didn’t find any genuine friend for me in film industry, as the people inside bond with on any obligation .

But vetrimaran is one man who hits me straight, if my movie is good or bad, best or worse, he will be the same. ”

Even the professional bonding is also something extraordinary for both as they came up four blockbusters in their career including Pollathavan, Aadukalam, Vadachennai and Asuran