Breaking- Rajinikanth inelastic on his statement!

Rajinikanth’s speech in Thuglak function has crossed a week but still the magnetic field it has created hasn’t left.

As we know, about the negativities faced by the star for coming up with a speech on 1971 – lord rama/seetha issue, which wasnt highly criticized by the oppositions, with Dravida Kazhagam filing cases against the star.

Now, here comes the actor to counter clarify the issue out , who said,  “I pinpointed out the issue which happened in salem, on which I read in magazines. These issues should be avoided rather getting erased.

Also this was attested by many , who were closer to the issue. So I can’t apologize or regret on any of my comments, as always I stand with the truth”

While addressing the press, the chief himself showed the pictures of the news spilits, which happened in 1971, which had the pure report of the Issue.

The comments have started to show its rage in social media, which clearly shows the official entry of Superstar Rajinikanth In political arena