‘#proudofyoukamalhassan’ – The Big Boss Trends in Twitter!

‘#proudofyoukamalhassan’ – The Big Boss Trends in Twitter!!

The MNM chief, Kamalhassan is one leader who has always raised by his Voice on any issue without minding the consequences.

His statements without a single inch of diplomacy has helped him a lot, especially in his political career.

Recently, the CAA issue is raging the nation, especially the students, innocent people are highly furious on opposing the issue.

Now , the social media, which is always considered has the heart of “unity”, is unanimously trending the tag ” #proudofyoukamalhassan “, as he is very clean and clear on opposing the CAA bill.

This has taken to a new toll because of the yesterday’s statement of his Cinema rival, Superstar Rajinikanth’s diplomatic statement on the CAA issue.

People started to shout against the star, for not taking any stand, which he used to it for any issues.

Apart from the social issue,  the battle between stars In political arena is slowly emerging out, which is murmured by the political enthusiasts.