Dr. B.S. Kesavan’s publishes his inspiring autobiography Healing the Mind with Faith, Friendship and Love

India’s fastest growing self-publishing company, has published an inspiring memoir of Dr. B.S. Kesavan titled, Healing the Mind with Faith, Friendship and Love: The True Story of a Stroke Survivor, a Born Dreamer. The book is currently available on the Notion Press bookstore, Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce stores.

The book is an account of Dr. Kesavan’s prolific career. As a renowned paediatrician, he proved himself a champion after fighting with failures, a life-threatening stroke, and trauma. A native of Tamil Nadu, he migrated from India to New York in the early 1970s and had been practising in the USA for 41 years. His practice has earned him love, appreciation and success for his brilliant service to rural people. His life took a drastic turn when he suffered a massive heart attack. His book chronicles how he overcame challenges by not losing faith, hope in humanity, friendship, life, and God.

He has chosen to narrate his story to prove that one’s willpower can help overcome difficulties with grace. Dr. Kesavan’s reliance and optimism and his never-give-up attitude provided him with the strength to pave the path for a better future.

“The road of life is not an easy one,” Dr. Kesavan insists. “We often get to experience things we do not want to witness. We all face difficulties but how we handle them makes all the difference. My happy, active life was jolted when I suffered a massive stroke. I lost the ability to talk, walk and do anything on my own. However, I never lost hope. I always had faith in God, my family, friends and myself and that helped me overcome my illness. Faith, love, affection, and care can make miracles happen, and I am a living example. I want my autobiography to inspire those who think they have lost the battle.’’

About the Author:

B.S. Kesavan is a respected physician who migrated from India to New York in the early 1970s. After completing his training in paediatrics, he settled down in a rural town in West Central, Illinois, USA. Practising for over 41 years in the same town has earned him the love and affection of the town’s residents. An unexpected illness caused him to stop working and retire.

Kesavan is passionate about poetry, music, and writing. In the early days of his practice, his routine included an early morning run to ease the stress of everyday life. He loves his patients, and calls them ‘angels of God’. He is very close to his friends, family and relatives. He is a person who believes in faith, friendship and love.